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New Students, it’s not too early to start planning for transfer!

Many students are anxious to plan out a transfer to a next school.  Transfer Planning can begin as soon as your first meeting with a counselor to pick out classes.

When you meet with a counselor, be sure to discuss:

1)  What schools are you considering if you hope to transfer?

2)  What major or majors interest you?

2)  How soon do you hope to transfer?

In general, most schools will consider you to be a transfer student after you have finished at least 12 credits – usually four credit-bearing courses at Montgomery College.  If you were admissible to a college/university as a high school senior, then you could possibly transfer after just one semester at Montgomery College. Your admission decision would be based on your high school record and SAT/ACT scores.

Most students need to stay at Montgomery College for at least 30 credits to be able to transfer successfully to another school.

Discuss this with an MC counselor!
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